Launceston Up Close

  Stories, tall and small about Launceston, Tasmania

A U S T R A L I A           

The King's Bridge - linking Trevallyn with the city

Stories tall and small,  some exciting, or not at all!

Hi, and welcome to Launceston Up Close

Our aim here is to take people by the hand and show them our city.  There is so much more to Launceston than meets the eye and we would like to tell you about it.  This city is the third oldest in Australia, and is only a year younger than Hobart, and less than 20 years younger than Sydney.  We have been here longer than Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth and we played such an important part in the Colonial development of Australia, and few people know about us.

If you are actually in town, or planning a trip down this way, perhaps you would like to indulge in an informative stroll around the compact CBD of Launceston.  Please contact us to join one of our low cost walking tours conducted by our local guide who has a few stories to tell.

Some stories are historical, some are more contemporary.  Some may be humorous, depending on your outlook, and some are not for the squeamish - especially regarding Launceston's 'model prison'!