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Walk with us - hear the stories - see the historical sites          

Kings Bridge, Launceston, Tasmania - at the mouth of Cataract Gorge

Please note LUC is suspended until next summer  and we are heading up to Queensland !  Thank you for your custom and we hope to see you next season!


You have arrived at one of the most interesting cities in Australia!  And at Launceston Up Close we are here to show you around our city on a feature packed walking tour which highlights the history and beauty of Launceston.  Come walk with us, hear the stories and see the sites - and enjoy what Launceston Up Close will show you.

Now, the best place for up to the minute info for local touring is the Launceston Visitor Information Centre in Cameron Street. The guys there are your go-to for information on where to go, what to see and who to contact.  But if downtown Launceston is your preferred destination, good news! Launceston Up Close is your first choice for seeing the sights around our city.  Walk with us and enter the time-machine that is Launceston, Tasmania.

Our CBD is not very ‘CBDish’. You could walk from City Park in the east to Cataract Gorge in the west in less than half an hour. And that’s walking slow, seeing and hearing the city as you cruise past. The city blocks are small which makes for a compact, high value, target rich sight-seeing environment.  Ideal for a heritage walking tour with Launceston Up Close!

The knowledgeable crew here at Launceston Up Close will guide you around our city, telling you stories as we go.  You will get the very best value in an easy walking pace tour that allows you to see up close amazing Georgian and Victorian architecture. They have been preserved by circumstances that might have otherwise seen the character of the city bulldozed like so many other modern cities.

Launceston Up Close 'Heritage Walking Tours', there are just two of them, take in the very best of Launceston and they don’t overlap! Each has its highlights, each one gives you a unique aspect of our amazing town.

Both tours take about three hours, and they both cover about three kilometres. And they both have a refreshment break at about the ninety minute mark.

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Come walk with us - hear the stories - see the sites!

Morning Heritage Walking Tour

Our Morning Heritage Walking Tour starts at the North West corner of Prince's Square.  There are 5 churches around the square, and a fountain that is subject to a few urban myths.  From there we head into town, taking in St John and Brisbane Streets.  Among others we will look at one which in it's day was a futuristic Art Deco creation right across from a classic Victorian. 

Then its along George and Paterson St's and a story of two men who either were great mates, or despised each other, depending which story you believe.  We will arrive at City Park and after a pit-stop we head for the North Esk River and wander along the levee.  We will finally end up back in the town centre.

Afternoon Heritage Walking Tour

Our Afternoon Heritage Walking Tour starts just a block away from the end of the Morning Walk, right outside the Launceston Visitor Information Centre in Cameron Street.  After admiring the lines of the Town Hall, we will head for the river and follow the levee to Seaport and the Boardwalk.  We'll pass Home Point where the cruise boats leave from, then on to Kings Bridge at the mouth of Cataract Gorge.

Penny Royal is next for a rest stop - and there will be an opportunity for you to meet the ghost of a famous bushranger! Maybe even an ice-cream before heading back into town via a sweet detour (if they are open!).  We will finish where we started - near the visitor info centre.


We can also do custom walking tours around the City of Launceston which combines elements of both tours!

For example, we can start at City Park and follow the river to Kings Bridge and Penny Royal. 

To make any enquiry please use the contact form below to ensure we can accommodate you on one of our historical Heritage Walking Tours. 

You may also call to speak to our guides and we can design a tour, just for you!

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Prince's Park circa 1850s
   St John's Square (Prince's Square) - when the fountain was new and according to myth, the pineapple on top wasn't always a pineapple!

Come walk with us - hear the stories - see the historical sites!