Launceston Up Close

Walk with us - hear the stories - see the historical sites          

Launceston Historic Walks - professional guides

Our Story

We have loved every minute of our journey,

and the journey is not anywhere near done.

Launceston is a gem in the crown of Australia's history.

There is nowhere else in Australia that has the

concentration of Georgian and Victorian architecture

that can be found here.  And with so many colourful

characters, there are so many stories to be told -

come walk with us, hear the stories with us, see the sites with us.

An Idea is Born

We came over from the West, being drawn to the beauty and peace of Tasmania, and having worked in WA tourism we wanted to become a part of the Launceston tourist industry.  

We were immediately drawn to the history and the frozen timescape of the city here in Launceston and thought we could not be the only ones who would appreciate knowing more about the early 1800's and Launceston's role in the development of colonial Australia. 

So we thought about getting a little mini-bus and doing sight-seeing tours around the town centre.  But the city centre is so compact, and everything is so close, we soon figured we would park the mini-bus in one place and walk around.  But then we thought, why do we need a bus?  Buses can break down!  Let's host a selection of Historical Walks.  Even walking to our starting points is not far from most of the hotels, and no vehicle means we can reduce the cost of the tour substantially.  And we might get a little bit fit.

But what if it rains - this is Tasmania after all!  The Umbrella Shop is on our itinerary, and we would make sure we keep a supply of single use ponchos in our pockets!

So why not join us on a Launceston Historic Walk, hear the stories and see the sites.  It really is a gorgeous little city!

Our First Employee

Tony has a ton experience in tourism.  In 2001, after starting driving train passengers off the Indian Pacific around Kalgoorlie in the West Australian desert, he moved into driving tour coaches to iconic places like The Pinnacles, Wave Rock the vineyards of Margaret River.

He also took visitors to WA to places remote - Monkey Mia, Coral Bay and Pannawonica.

He has had the occasional adventure, once breaking down out past the Black Stump between Leonora and Laverton in WA's goldfields, but everyone survived!

He comes with a desire to help you to know about 'Lonnie', and is very eager to walk with you, see the sites and tell you stories about his adopted home, here in Launceston.

What's Next?

Our first aim is 1,000 happy customers....

Then it will be 2,000 :)