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Posted on 2 October, 2017 at 0:50

We did our first trip to Tasmania in 2012/13.  Neither of us had done Tassie, and decided at fairly short notice it was time to have a flyaway holiday, and Tassie won.  We flew out of Perth - the West Australia one - on Christmas night 2012.  So we had Chrissy at home, AND got a cheap flight out of Perth.  We passed thru Melbourne and hit Hobart where we grabbed a Subaru Forrester and we toured Tasmania.

We went in an anti-clockwise direction form Hobart, so Port Arthur, up the east Coast across the top and down the West as far as Strahan, then cross-country back to Hobart where we turned South.

We saw something awesome, every single day.  The scenery, the hairpins, the sheer walls, the rain forests, remote beach with a huge collection of sea blasted driftwood.  We climbed hills and glided down dales and ate in cute little towns and met some wonderful people.  And that would be the thing we really noticed.  We thought sandgropers were pretty friendly, but West Ozzies have nothing on Taswegians.  What a friendly bunch of people.  Sure there are some ferals here in Tassie, but they are probably imports anyway!

After that two week lap of Tassie, we knew we would be back. We had both felt we could live here, easy.

Roll forward to May last year, 2016.  We had been sitting in our house in South Guildford and we talked about Tasmania.  We wanted to go back again, just to confirm we liked it.  To remind us of what we liked about Tassie.  So we booked a motorhome and picked it up after we landed in Launceston.  We didnt really see much of Lonnie first time, so we sought to remedy that.

We headed out of Launcerston toward Burnie and got as far as Carrick - not far - and had to stop for a red light on the dashboard.  Turned out the red light was the kind you ignore, so said the rental agent.  But we did stop at Carrick pub and had an Egg and Bacon Roll.

Now I am a bus driver, short distance, long distance, express, day tours, extended tours, i have done them all.  And staple diet of bus drivers - bacon and egg toasted sandwich.  Energy food.  I first thought, they got the name wrong...egg and bacon....just doesnt roll off the tongue right.  Then, it was in a roll....a roll for goodness sake!  OK, so I was a bit dubious.  The'egg and bacon roll' came out, and it was gooooooooood :)   The roll was frrresh and plenty of bacon, and it was yummmmo.  We have been back since, still yummo.

So we overnited in Burnie, then down to Tarraleah and another overniter.  Down thru Hobart to Dover, and then back to Hobart for a few days, and finally a couple of days in Lonnie.  The net effect of this trip was, we both enjoiyed Launceston.  We stayed in the Big 4 Glen Dhu caravan park and the limitation of the motorhome once more became obvious, we had to walk into town or uproot the VW and then find parking.  Nahh, lets walk.  And its only 2Ks into town from Glen Dhu, so it wasnt so hard at all.  But we also wanted to check out real estate because we both wanted out of WA, and Launceston looked like a worthy place to set down our bundle. And we both decided we hated motorhomes!

We went back to Perth, and next day we both wanted to come back. We bit the bullet and didn't come straight back, but waited til last October, and we came back again, specifically to buy a house.  We looked at houses in Invermay which were cheap, but Invermay is also on a flood plain.  And a month after we did the motorhome trip, it rained in tassie and the Cataract lived up to its name, and the rivers flooded.  Invermay didnt flood, but they evacuated just in case.  It scared us away from the bargains in Invermay and we ended up buying a little house in Newstead. (which is also susceptible to flooding!) 

So we bought a bit of Tasmania, got a tenant in to pay the mortgage, and back to WA.  But we were coming back.  We set a June 30 deadline to be out of WA, and we even put a due date on our notice board in big red letters.  We spent a little finishing the front yard of our house in Perth, then sold it.  It paid for a new caravan and a ute to pull it, and departed on June 9, 2017.  We spent nearly 2 months driving from Perth to Launceston via Coober Pedy and lots of interesting places on the way.

We have been here in Launceston two calendar months and while we are still in our caravan in Glen Dhu, again, nice place by the way, the owners are spending money to improve it.  The boss started her new job last week, and I am building this business, Launceston Up Close. 

I enjoyed working in tourism in WA, telling folks stories about WA and its history and about its people.  Here in Launceston I have been busy researching - learning about Lt Col Bill Paterson, the Batman and Fawkner rivalry, and the fun the settlers had getting established here.  They had it tough, and no caravan!

There are some locals here that will also become part of Launceston's history, like Josef Chromy, a local winemaker and entrtepreneur.

Launceston is historic, it has character, and its our new home.

Welcome to our home :)

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