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Customer Testimonials

Steve and Joan from Tuscon, Arizona, USA

They loved Launceston, the rivers and especially enjoyed the Cataract Gorge Cruise, which tho it is not part of our tour, if we arrive at Home Point, which is where the cruise boat departs from and returns to 50 minutes later, our guides will happily wait for you to take the cruise, AND we have organised a 10% discount with the skipper!

(please note if there is more than one party in the tour group, we can only do this if everyone takes up the opportunity.  I would not ask non interested parties to wait.)

For information re Tamar River Cruises, click here :)

Cheers...Tony    December 2017.

We took the afternoon tour and enjoyed the company, the weather, the walk and Tony's knowledge of Launceston. The ice creams at PennyRoyal were huge. We have to come back to Tassie to try the morning tour.

Ted and Annette, Mindarie, Western Australia

Thanks Ted, it was a pleasure showing you and Annette around Lonny, and I look forward to showing you a bit more next time around!  Safe Trip home!

Tony :)

Tony knows his stuff when it comes to the history of many of the old buildings around Launceston.  We went on both morning and afternoon tours and Tony was able to arrange the weather for us! 

The staff at Penny Royal were so helpful, and the acid drops at Gourley's Sweet Factory were yum.  Recommended.

Sue K - Gin Gin, Western Australia

I have done both tours with Launceston Up Close and have to say Tony is both knowledgeable and entertaining in his presentations. The history in this lovely city is so interesting, I had no idea Tasmania played such a large role in the establishment of settlements in Australia. Thanks again Tony. I would recommend these tours to everyone who is looking to enjoy a walk around the city and hear stories about the characters and buildings that make this city.

Louise F, Roma, Queensland, Australia
I took the morning tour to City Park from Princes Park and we went via the river and ended up in town.  Launceston has many classic old buildings and they all have a story to tell and Tony will tell them.  We had a fun morning - I was the only one on tour today - and coffee at Victoria Café near City Park was lovely.  Thank you Tony and LUC and I wish you well in your new business.
Robyn, Queensland, Australia

Was a bit iffy about getting up for the morning tour on a lazy holiday - but decided to go for it because it covered more of my interests than the afternoon tour which takes a different route. No regrets! Tony (the guide) is hilarious and so knowledgable, and I had such a great experience seeing the sights and learning some fun facts that I wouldn't have found out on my own. Tony's definitely done his research - and I'd recommend his tours to anyone interested in finding out a little bit more about Launceston.

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Viola V, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

In our late 70's, we enjoyed the pace of the afternoon tour walking through the streets and over bridges and alongside the river looking at historical sites and buildings. It was good to hear Tony's very comprehensive talk of the history of Launceston. .We liked the specially made ice-creams at Penny Royal which were exceedingly large & delicious. We learned a lot of the history of Launceston and would like to see more. Thank you Tony for a great time.

Ted and Annette, Mindarie, WA, Australia

We had a relaxing morning with Tony walking around Launceston. We heard all about how Launceston and Tassie got started as well as the interesting people who have helped to make the history. We would thoroughly recommend these walking tours as they give you an idea of how the city is made up as well as seeing some beautiful old Victorian buildings ...

Patricia, Milan, Italy

Met Tony at Princes Park at 10am. We did the morning walk around Launceston. We found tony to be a great tour guide, very informative and friendly. It was interesting seeing the old buildings and hearing their history. We recommend visitors to Launceston do this tour. Great value for money.

Joanne C, Euchuca, Victoria, Australia